When The Levees Broke. Again.

Me: Let’s fall madly in love and drive each other crazy.

Her: Oh I’d love to.



Of course this agreement wasn't verbatim. But it was communicated. Physically. Mentally. Emotionally.

As overactive as our minds were (and are) there was a section in our minds that was just pure…gold.

Untouched by pain, negativity, logic, time, nor space.

Just raw, pure, gold.

We didn’t know what we had. 
What to do with it.

The power of love that we did not know how to wield.

Two spirits.

Two very kindred spirits.

Silent phantasms residing in a world of fantasy.

A dual world of belief and disbelief.

Feeling everything and still not feeling enough.

Watching. Waiting. Wanting.