Secret of the Forest

There's a big element of healing that we speak about in real time.

Utilizing the concept of time.

And that is that it will happen on an abstract timetable.

That it will happen within time.

That beautiful, yet mysterious 4th dimension. A dense, lush, treacherous galaxy of a forest. More difficult to navigate than more tangible things like human beings, animals, tenets, rules, jurisdictions.

But navigate it we must. Or 'navigate' it I should say. 

Because it's more than merely preparing.

Or putting one foot in front of the other.

Or pulling oneself up by ones bootstraps.

Or any other cliché involving feet or footwear.

It's those moments when all you can do is wake up.

Not even open your eyes. 

Or the blinds.

Or the fridge.

Just existing. Barely. Zombieing from one responsibility to another. Barely. 

Moving gingerly from rock to tree some days. Cliff face to pitfall on the others. 

In the darkest night. Where you can't see your hand an inch from your face. Do you even have hands? Who knows? 

Who cares.

But the secret of the forest is that while we're ensnared in a sort of Phantom Zone, it is ever changing. Healing. Moving. Clearing. Escuchela...el bosque respirando.

Many paths of the forest will never be revisited.


As better paths are revisited.

And new ones are forged.

The poison ivy will begin to differentiate itself from other leaflets. The sunlight will peak through the canopy of the forest and reveal things to. Both good and bad, but at least this time you have the option to see even if it is a lil bit.

A lil lil bit.  

You can see your hands again. Appreciate the dominion that they hold. The beauty they possess. 

Your muscle memory will slowly but surely reactivate itself and you can actually visualize and realize what it's like to put one foot in front of the other.

Slowly. Surely.

You may not see it happening. Or believe it ever will. But that's the secret of the forest.

One day you'll look up and it just might not be so bad.

In time.